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Did you ever wonder why some companies struggle, while others seem to grow effortlessly…

Darren Grady

Darren Grady

Chances are – those companies winning the game are answering the following questions better and with more clarity from the Customers point of view!

Set your business apart from the competition, and discover how to help your customers recognize opportunities that create value by delivering products and services that people want.  

Questions every customer will consider during the buying process…

swoosh-arrowWhy should your customers buy products and/or services from you, rather than any of your competitors?
swoosh-arrowWhy should your customers buy products and/or services from you, rather than an alternative product and/or service?
swoosh-arrowWhat value does your business bring to the market place and what are your “Dynamic Values”?  (your only factors)
swoosh-arrowWhy should your customers buy today or for that fact at all?


Why is this important…

First and foremost, the market is extremely competitive and now provides your customers with greater access to information than ever before. Therefore unless your business continually educates the customers as to your dynamic value propositions, the only factors... your business will be doomed to compete solely on price.

Embracing, understanding and implementing this philosophy within your business will allow you to grow faster, increase your profitability thus allowing you to sell your business for more – when that time comes.

Furthermore, if you’re like most small business owners, your business is part of who you are so getting this right is extremely important.

As a business broker, I have had the opportunity to sit down with hundreds of business owners in an array of industries to discuss valuations as well as many other topics, and in all cases they ask…  What is my business worth?

The correct answer is always…  What a qualified buyer is willing to pay.

lackman headerYes, there are different valuation methods to use as a guideline, however in the end after the dust settles and due diligence is completed, the value of the business will be based on several factors, such as location, products & services offered, management team and – most important – the value your business brings to the market-place relative to the competition.

Therefore, it should be the goal for every small business owner to generate the greatest return on investment of both your time and money.  To do so, it is critical to continually exercise sound business practices as well as activities that educates your customers as to why your business delivers the best dynamic value – your only factors – of both products and services to the market-place.

Needless to say, every business owner deserves the right to learn how to increase sales, and  how to multiply their profits which will easily increase the valuation of their business…  Unfortunately many never take action or wait until it is to late… which in almost all cases cost them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Simply Put, the right systems lead to revenue growth and increased profits, and the bottom line is this; prospective buyers will evaluate all of these factors – and more.

For information on how to value your business, please contact Darren@ArizonaBusinessBroker.info


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There Are 7 Ways to Grow Any Business

1. Increase # of Clients
2. Increase Transaction Value
3. increase Frequency of Repurchase
4. Increase Residual Value Of Each Client
5. Acquire/Create New Products/Services
6. Acquire/Create New Markets
7. Acquire New Companies