How to Protect Your Wealth and Strategic Steps to Take.

For those looking to Buy or Sell a Business, our primary objective is to help you avoid making  any costly mistakes.

Truth be told, Buying and/or Selling a Business is a complicated process.  There are pre-sale negotiation, confidentiality agreements, contracts, letters of understanding, financial disclosures, due-diligence, leases, franchise documents, escrow instructions and alike that must be drafted and/or agreed to prior to closing any transaction.  Getting this wrong could be costly.

Yes, as Business Brokers, our goal is to Successfully bring together qualified Prospective Buyers with Small Business Owners looking to Sell, with our primary objective being to help guide Buyers and Sellers through all aspects of the transaction.

That said, the Buyers and Sellers, must understand they are accountable for their own decisions, and we always disclose and advise that both Buyers and Sellers consult with their own independent professional accounting, tax and/or legal council to review all books and records, tax returns, profit and loss statements, licenses, permits, and inspections required to their satisfaction prior to closing escrow, including future tax liability, if any, resulting from the successful sale of the business.

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