We Believe all Big Businesses are born from Small Businesses that did things right.

For most people, Business Ownership is the fastest way to Create Wealth and Transform Their Financial Destiny.

We Also Believe Business Owners looking to Sell should get the price they deserve for all their years of hard work, and at the same time we believe Prospective Buyers should get the Best Value for their Investment of time and money.

Truthfully, that is where the rubber meets the road.

That said, we understand after working with thousands of Business Owners and Prospective Buyers over the years is…  There are common threads that separate well run companies from those that struggle.  Simply stated, we find good companies consistently follow time tested strategic principles and systematic processes over a long period of time.  As a result, these businesses typically sell for a much higher valuation multiple when the time comes to Sell and cash out their hard earned equity.

Furthermore, Business Owners can learn these skills and implement profitable processes which can easily increase their business valuation.  In many cases just by getting their house in order by being prepared is a huge first step.  Furthermore, it is important to point out, more times than not, prospective buyers are more than willing to pay more if certain systems and processes are in place and working.

Without question, there are many moving parts to a overseeing a successful operation.

However, when it comes time to plan your exit, the strategies you have used to build your business will differ slightly from those you will need to employ to successfully sell your business.  To truly create the highest valuation for your business, you will need to look at your business through the eyes of a qualified and – somewhat skeptical – buyer.

If you’re looking to Buy a Business or want to discuss the best practices for Selling your Business, please do not hesitate to call me at 480-616-8138.


Darren Grady