We specialize in assisting our clients with the merger, sale, and acquisition of small and mid-sized companies with a focus on systematized processes and revenue growth strategies to increase valuation multiple – including all aspects in the assignment and transfer of ownership in privately held businesses and commercial real estate.

Simply put,

  1. We Help Our Clients Acquire a Business.  We help Entrepreneurs find and buy the right business to fit their lifestyle and financial goals.
  2. We Help Our Clients Sell Their Business.  We assist Business Owners strategically plan their Exit, and Sell their business.
  3. We Help Our Clients Grow Their Business, and Strategically Plan Their Exit.   Whether you want to increase your Business Valuation, or you’re looking to grow the business you just bought, we work directly with our clients to assist them in developing strong accountable system driven processes tied to measurable ROI for each activity.

In addition, for those that want to implement growth programs on their own, we share strategies, resources and tools to assist with Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Sales Pipeline Processes, Follow Up Campaigns,  Referral Programs, Funding Tips, and an array of other information to help Improve Systems to Increase Revenue and Profitability.

Going into a little more detail…

If you’re looking to buy a business, we will assist you with:

  1. What to Consider When Buying a Business?
  2. What Business is the Right Business for You?
  3. Should You Consider Buying a Franchise?
  4. How to Value a Business?
  5. What are the Market Trends?
  6. 21 Questions You Should Ask the Seller.
  7. What is the Best Way to Finance the Purchase?
  8. Best Practices for Negotiating the Terms and Making an Offer.
  9. Due-Diligence Checklist
  10. Closing the Transaction.
  11. Post Closing Priorities
  12. and Much More.

If you’re looking to Sell your Business we will help you with:

  1. 10 Common – Yet Costly – Mistakes to Avoid
  2. Valuing Your Business & How to Sell for More.
  3. Maintaining Confidentiality and Protecting Your Assets
  4. Getting Your Business Ready for Sale
  5. Cashing Out – Tips About SBA Financing
  6. What is Your Working Cash Flow (Profit)
  7. 21 Questions all Buyers should Ask
  8. Getting Your Financial Information Organized
  9. Tightening up Your Systems and Processes
  10. Best Practices for Negotiating the Terms and Making an Offer.
  11. Due-Diligence Checklist
  12. Closing the Transaction.
  13. Post Closing Priorities
  14. and Much More

If you’re looking to Grow Your Business we will help you with:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Marketing Strategies
  3. Marketing Automation Tools
  4. Social Media Tips for Growth
  5. Strategic Followup and Referral Programs
  6. Sales Conversion and Continuity Programs
  7. Opportunistic vs Strategic Growth
  8. Systematized Processes to Scale
  9. Funding Resources to Grow
  10. Plus much more

For more information, contact Darren at 480-616-8138