What is Your Business Really Worth?

Truth be told, there are many ways to value a business, however in the end, the only value that matters is the amount a serious buyer is willing to pay you for all your hard work, long hours and personal sacrifices.
Another important point…  Your business will not sell when you’re ready to sell.  It will sell when the business is ready for sale, and when a buyer thinks it’s worth the amount of money you’re asking for it..  
Here’s the good news.  If you knew what key performance indicators strategic and serious buyers were specifically searching for when in the market to buy a business like yours, and reasons why they might be willing to pay more,  you’re miles ahead of many other businesses on the market.  
The value of your business to a Buyer involves more than just the financial health of the business.  Yes, your financial condition and trends will play a big role, however  buyers will want to know many other things about you and the business…
Such as, why you’re selling, how did you value the business, who are your largest competitors, what are your biggest headaches, what are the market trends within your industry, what role do you play in the business, plus much more.  
Addressing these important intangibles upfront, and getting this right before you decide to sell,  will be a key component to maximizing  your business valuation, and putting more money in your pockets at the closing table.  
Let us help you set your business apart and understand how to gain an  competitive advantage when selling by setting your business up for success.